I like him. He's nice. He goes to my youth group. He's purdy darn cute!

He saved my clumsy ass from falling off my chair TWICE. I am such a hopeless klutz.

I like him ALOT but I don't know if he likes me. I get flutterbies in my tummy when I talk to him.

Good flutterbies that tickle your insides.

Still Waiting...

Okay, I've waited long enough for you to post something.


Let it snow!

4 in. of snow in St. Louis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I'm thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving All!


Princess Kina-Bina and the Evil CEOgre, Part 1

Once upon a time, in a magical place called EDS, there was a Princess known as Kina-Bina.
This princess was under a spell. She had to do whatever the CEOgre told her to do or she wouldn't get her pay-check to pay for her Noble Stead, a Chevy Silverado.
So one day, the evil, ruthless CEOgre told her to weave a golden website All By Herself, the evil CEOgre had taken away all her "helpful" servants.
"Out of what shall I weave it?" the princess asked.
"HTML codes," he answered, gruffly. And he left her with one week to finish this terrible and hopeless task.


Your dreams have come true.....DARA IS BACK!!!

No need to cry yourself to sleep at night wondering when the Wonderful Dara will be back with her wit and charm! I am here.

But I am starting to wonder if maybe this has become YOUR blog now. Lol, jk. I still love you.

The O.C. and why I even WATCH it

1) because it's actually WATCHABLE! unlike other teen-drama drivel...
2) RYAN!!!!!!
3) it is SOOOOOO Shebly's fault!
4) the characters are Believable. They are Real. You feel like you live next to the Cohens and you go to school with Marissa and Summer.
5) did I mention RYAN!!!!!

Okay, okay. I am NOT obsessed with Ryan or anything but he is the coolest character on the show. He cares about people. He's like Seth's big brother, ya know? He feels like my big brother..........sorta. Actually, I may like Seth better... he has the best lines! He's a Little Too self-centered, but the fact that he Tries to not be is super-cute.

Okay I'm done bubbling about it.


What has to happen for someone to be grounded from their own blog and favorite TV shows? Oh yeah, NOT DOING YOUR SCIENCE HOMEWORK. So when are you coming over to catch up on LOST?


Testing. One, Two... Sixty?

So here I am at work trying this Blogger by Email thing, enjoying the pre-holiday silence. And then I realize, oh. Yeah. Outlook is turned off. I really DO have a full "Follow Up" task list in my Inbox... crap.

Singing the no MyMoney blues

I was going into withdrawals yesterday. And I don't mean that I was reviewing the minus column on my bank account. I mean that I couldn't SEE my accounts. MSN Money was dead.

It never occurred to me how much I dearly am truly in love with the ease and convenience that is the giant MSN My Money tool. I was planning funeral arrangements and casting about emotionally for a way to keep my financial life in order. That 6 hours of downtime was the end of me.

I missed watching my 401K fly on the wings of a semi-ridiculous "market rally". My bank balance. My savings balance. Even my credit card balances. I wanted to watch that evening as we hit the "Pay Bill" button and saw the little ones and zeros become just zeros! Oh my god, I am obsessed. I need a break. What is Dooce up to?

Mercka, I beat ya cuz I luv ya...

If only El Presidente could conjugate verbs... but why would he learn that when Diebold executives are handing him the country on a silver electronic voting platter?


Fish Farts

I have a fish. His name is Louie.
His diet consists of fish-pellets and dead bugs.
While Daniel was feeding Louie said dead bugs he swears he saw him fart. FART! I mean, come on! But he says he saw a little bubble come out his butt. Ooooooookay, Daniel. What ever you say...


what if the hokey-pokey really IS what it's all about...

will we all have to turn ourselves around?


i told you, it IS a conspiracy

Suede jacket.
Public bathroom counter.
Public bathroom sink.

The Wonderful World of Blogger

Blogger, I have to say, is perhaps the most Awesome Blog-Thingy In The World.

I will explain why I believe that is, because there are some people (of whom have my deepest sympathy) that *gasp* do not have Blogger.

I had (have) a Xanga. Let me tell you, Xanga SUCKS! Mostly, because you have to pay, like, 10 bucks a month for the premium service. Unless you want the crappy free service that doesn't let you fix the html code for the template or change the size, blodness, italization of the font for your entry! Grrr.

Whereas, with Blogger you get to do all that and it's FREE. Yes, F-R-E-E.
I am not being paid to say this (I wish), I'm just saying what I think (and I didn't have anything else to say). I am not a sell-out. I just think that Xanga sucks. It is not even worthy to be capitalized. So xanga sucks.

It really does.

please, fry my bacon

The magical thing about having a husband is that the world has decided to hate me and it took me a while to notice.

The new web site at work is taking a long time due to organizations that love to complain about the lack of a place to put the content that they do not have. I went home early yesterday to let them ponder that undeniable fact. Also, I am coming down with something other than my normal cynicism.

I was laying on the couch with a sweatshirt and socks under a fleece blanket with a heating pad on my neck and the heater turned to 75. But no, there would be nary a wink of sleep. Why? Because our upstairs neighbors were moving. OUT. MOVING! AWAY! FROM! ME! The neighborly neighbors heretofore referred to as The Ephalumps, will not be knocking any more pictures off my bedroom walls. They will not be full-body wrestling at midnight using my ear lobes as launching ropes. Only as a last farewell, they would be interrupting my malaise vacation with large washing applicances crashing down three flights of stairs.

When I got up to make dinner, the bacon was frozen where it had been IN THE FRIDGE for 2 weeks. It was more like bacon sushi. It was cut so thin, I could not for the life of me get it into the pan in one piece. It's the same bacon I always buy.

The eggs were done. The bacon was somewhere between fried and not. We punched a DVD in and pressed play. And the food from my fork fell on the floor. All the food. Three times. Within two minutes. Just as I got all the food picked up off the floor and onto a spare plate, I hit my fork with my wrist. Floor.

I looked at Aaron and he looked at me. "It's OK. I still love you."

What world?

Corporations holding Town Halls require Surveys for Executive Validation

It's 7pm. Nuf said.


earthworms don't laugh, dumbass!

My brother and my dad and I were talking at dinner, and had a rather interesting conversation.

Know-It-All Daniel: Did you know alligators can't move their tongues?
Me: Duh!
Dad: Cool. I didn't know alligaters had tongues.
Me: Daaad. ALL animals have tongues.
Dad: Oh yeah? Where's a spider's tongue?
Daniel: In it's mouth!
*Everyone laughs*
Dad: Well, where's an earthworm's mouth?
Daniel: Just tickle it and see which end laughs.

Being depressed about love and guys makes me feel like a poet. So I wrote this little diddy. I showed it to my mom and she it... But at least I know that computers don't laugh so I have no worries showing it to you.

Can't get you out of my head
It's fuckin' crazy
I wish you were dead
Were you just toying with my mind?


Our founding-fathers were stoners!

I just remembered I missed my half-birthday! NOOOO! I've waited since my birthday to celebrate it, but nooooooooo I have to forget about it until now! Grr. Bad me.

I know I'm a sap when...: I cry at a Coca-Cola commercial. A COKE AD FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!! But it was a sweet commercial...

Listening to Blue October this week. "A Quiet Mind" sounds like a good kissing song. Like in the movies when the girl and the guy realize they truely do love each-other and they kiss passionatly! Yes. That's exactly what it sounds like.

Oooh! I just read that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both grew marijana on their plantations. Hahahahaha! OmiGawd, that's great. Now all the druggies will try to claim that even the PRESIDENTS thought it was okay to get high. Eh, but whatever. I wouldn't complain if drugs were legalized...


passwords and other shit

Is it just me or are you also annoyed when you're signing up for some web-thingy and you are asked to have a password that has to be at least 6 characters long. Or it has to have at least 1 number. And ABSOLUTELY NO hyphens, or anything but letters and numbers. OhmyGawd! It's crazy, I tell you! I hate it. Bugs the shit out of me.

But among other things... I no longer have a best friend Curtis. I now have a best friend Ass-Wipe. Yes, with a capital "A" and "W". For those of you who do not know what Ass-Wipe has done to me, I ask you: WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN??? But I will tell you about it sometime when I don't have to go to bed in about 10 minutes.

Oh, by the way, if you want to see my other blog that I keep for my friends, go to:

Wuffer and much hugses to everyone!