earthworms don't laugh, dumbass!

My brother and my dad and I were talking at dinner, and had a rather interesting conversation.

Know-It-All Daniel: Did you know alligators can't move their tongues?
Me: Duh!
Dad: Cool. I didn't know alligaters had tongues.
Me: Daaad. ALL animals have tongues.
Dad: Oh yeah? Where's a spider's tongue?
Daniel: In it's mouth!
*Everyone laughs*
Dad: Well, where's an earthworm's mouth?
Daniel: Just tickle it and see which end laughs.

Being depressed about love and guys makes me feel like a poet. So I wrote this little diddy. I showed it to my mom and she it... But at least I know that computers don't laugh so I have no worries showing it to you.

Can't get you out of my head
It's fuckin' crazy
I wish you were dead
Were you just toying with my mind?


Blogger Karina said...

Did you know earthworms have five hearts?

5:41 PM

Blogger Dara said...


6:22 PM


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