Clean Sweep, where are you???

So you know the packing has gotten to me when Andy and I haul out 7 bags of crap to the curb for trash pick up and then actually watch for the trashmen to come so that we can laugh our butts off as they try to pick up a 50 pound bag of crap and attempt fling it into the garbage truck as the did with the 5 pound bag just before it.

I never knew garbage men could look grumpy...


How To Charm Me and Then Annoy Me

Spend all day Sunday taking me to the movies, going with me to the grocery store, and snuggling with me.

Then go to Blockbuster 5 minutes after the fettucine is done cooking. That's just a plain crime to noodles everywhere.


Dorky Dotty Effect

I was actually USING photoshop for once and figured out how to do the dooce effect! It only took me about....15 mintues WITH the tips from dooce. *Goes to make more photoshop pics* Posted by Hello