The O.C. and why I even WATCH it

1) because it's actually WATCHABLE! unlike other teen-drama drivel...
2) RYAN!!!!!!
3) it is SOOOOOO Shebly's fault!
4) the characters are Believable. They are Real. You feel like you live next to the Cohens and you go to school with Marissa and Summer.
5) did I mention RYAN!!!!!

Okay, okay. I am NOT obsessed with Ryan or anything but he is the coolest character on the show. He cares about people. He's like Seth's big brother, ya know? He feels like my big brother..........sorta. Actually, I may like Seth better... he has the best lines! He's a Little Too self-centered, but the fact that he Tries to not be is super-cute.

Okay I'm done bubbling about it.


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