WARNING: Do not read while eating Raspberry yogurt

Mr. Nice Guy -

Seriously... almost just had raspberry yogurt coming out my nose. Don't know if it's all these damn hormones I'm having right now or if the site really is that funny, but I am laughing so hard I can't breathe!


Ever notice how Dilbert sometimes feels like a documentary?

Found recently in a place of business:

"Sarcasm - Just another great service we provide here."


This is What I Think:

I think its pathetic that you still think you need him. You don't!
I think he is being a total self-centered asshole and being totally immature and selfish.
I think you deserve more than his bullshit.
I think your one of my best friends and if I'm being a bitch its only 'cause I love you and want so much more for you and I think you don't see that yet but I want you to so badly!

That is what I'm thinking.