How to Charm me...

Chew out my butt when you find me attempting to shave in the shower. Rant on and on about how there was a reason the doctor ordered me on two weeks bed rest and shaving my legs does not fall into the list of things I am allowed to do...

...then, totally negate the whole tough guy act by settling me on the couch and shaving my legs for me despite how completely exhausted you are.

This man... I swear I don't deserve him... he loves me so much it hurts.


In which I make a complete idiot of myself in front of the hottest guy at my church.

I had a softball game last night. Michael was there. Of course! I don't know why that surprised me, since his sister is playing softball too. Duh, Dara!

We lost the softball game 12-2. TEN FREAKING RUNS! But I made a pretty good save. I was playing 3rd and Stephanie threw me the ball but I dropped it so I went down to grab it and put my knee on the base just in time to tag the runner out. Woo-hoo!

We still lost though.

After the game, Tori and Shelby and I were standing around by the field and Michael was talking a few yards in front of us.
Tori: "I see him." Me: "How can you see him if you've never met him or seen a picture of him?" Shelby: "He's the only one with black hair and that's what you said he dyed it." Me: "Oh."
I looked up and saw him and all of a sudden a few hundred-billion monarch butterflies migrated to my stomach and my feet were somehow rooted to the concrete.
Tori: "Go talk to him." Me: "He's busy talking to Saphraine..." Shelby: "Dang, Dara! He is hooot. I want to meet him."
We walked up to him. He saw me and smiled and then my insides turned to jello along with the rest of my body. I gave him a little sideways-hug and said, "Michael this is Tori. And this is Shelby." And I looked back up at him and he was looking at me. It made me tingley so I looked back at Tori.
Saphraine came up and gave me a hug. She came right between Michael and me but I don' t think it was on purpose. So we were standing there, just sorta talking, except Michael wasn't really talking to me...which only made me a tiny bit upset.

Then Sarah called me over and so I walked over to her and she had this very solemn expression and said, "Be careful." so I said, "Okay." And then we were going to the car, past Michael and everyone, so I went arm-in-arm with Tori (somewhere we lost Shelby and Bailzey). I was pulling to the right, the farthest from Michael but then Tori pulled me over toward where Michael was and I slipped and fell right behind him. I got up and didn't dare to look back. God, that was embarrasing. And normally when I do stupid stuff like that I think its funny, but I was beet-red when I did it that time.

I. Am. Such. A. Nervous. Jelly-ish. Mess.

Help. Me.


Things that make me go "Huh???"

Expired condoms on clearance.

Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose?