Do you have the time?

I stayed the night at Kina's house and watched a movie 'Run, Lola, Run'. It was really different from anything I'd ever seen. It had three different perspectives and endings. The last one was the best. It kinda got old though cuz it was alot of just watching Lola run around. Seriously, it was very well named. It has alot of bad languge but it really doesn't matter considering the movie is dubbed in German. Its about this girl who's boyfriend is gonna die unless she can get $100,000 in 20 minutes. So she's running around the city trying to figure out a way to get 100 grand. Why not take her moped, you ask? It was stolen, would be the most unfortunate answer.

Karina was having a very frustrating day. Her cable and internet went out on the same freaking day. All this other stuff that would normally be only minorly annoying became a huge deal and she was sick and tired of it. So I told her, in a very kind, caring, sisterly way: "At least your not Lola."

And while in the grocery store with Kina I had an epiphany. We were looking at all these "time-saving" foods and other stuff, and I realized that saving time is an illusion. We think we are saving our precious time by buying products that we can just pop in the microwave and dump on a plate. But then we want everything else to be that easy and/or fast and we run around trying to get things done faster and faster and we do too much and before ya know it, YOU HAVE NO TIME.

But then...

Neither does Lola.


How to Annoy Me

When you are snoring in your sleep and I wake you up and tell you to roll over, say "Ok", then make noise like you are rolling over but remain flat on your back.

THEN, when I try to wake you up for the second time ('cause we all know you can't sleep on your back and not snore for more than two seconds), agrue with me and try to convince me *in your half asleep state* that you really did roll over and honestly weren't snoring and I am just hearing things and am flat out mean for waking you up again.

This is so NOT funny at 3:52 in the morning.

How to Charm Me

Sit in front of the TV (as a 27 year old man with two Masters degrees and no kids) and not only ENJOY watching Tellitubbies, but also laugh hysterically ANY TIME the NuNu makes an apperance.

I have never laughed harder than watching him laugh at the NuNu. =)


How to Annoy Me

(tee-hee! I now have the ability to post this 'cause Kina already did it!)

Tell me I never exercise, then spend the entire afternoon on your arse, polluting the air with your filthy cigarettes.



How To Charm Me

Get up off the couch and help fold laundry because I am bouncing up at every commercial break to hang one more shirt and you want it TO STOP.

(This is a type of post I have been wanting to start and could not think of a more creative title than the one concocted by the Internet's unofficial Blog Goddess and Redneck Queen, Heather.)


Two Weeks Notice

Ya know....I've been thinking (oh no!) about everything and I found out that two weeks has alot to do with all that everything. A few examples:

1) Today I've been sick for officially two weeks.
2) Mom thought that she had two more weeks before she had to sign me up for Sky Ranch. (there was actually only 1 week.)
3) I was almost grounded from the computer for two weeks.
4) um......ok so there were only 3 things! But thats alot!


You know it's been a LONG week at work when...

....Instead of saying "Good Morning" to each other, your coworkers are saying "HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!" (And yes, with four exclamtion marks.)
....Everything that happens makes you want to laugh hysterically, cry, or beat somebody.... and sometimes all three!
....You find a very confused man in the ladies room.
....Someone makes coffee with the coffee pot set on Strong and without a coffee filter.


I can tell I'm too tired when...

I sit at a red stop sign and wait for it to turn green.


Dara's Smile =)

Dara, only for you, dear sister, would I post something like this on the internet.....

Originally I was going to post something about Andy, but then I remembered Dara's post a while back about her being a klutz and I knew what had to be done. Dara, here is your smile....

Let me just preface this story by saying that I have the coordination and grace of an elephant on roller skates. This is a fact and something that I have come to accept. That being said, I shall begin...

It all started when Andy and I decided to go furniture shopping a few months before we got married. We had realised after taking a quick inventory of our furniture (which all seemed to be made up of duck tape, cinder blocks, and particle board) that something had to be done, so we set out for Oklahoma City that fateful morning in search of furniture that would make the statement "We are really not in college anymore... really." (Please note: I am not totally oppossed to furniture made up of the above items, in fact, about half our furniture is still made up of those items. It was just our attempt at getting real "grown up" furniture.)

After having no luck at several furniture stores, we decided to stop by one last store before lunch. When we walked in, one of the nice sales guys (you know, the kind that practically tackle you when you walk thru the door of their store) started showing us around the store. We were almost done (again having found nothing) and about to leave, when going thru the living room section, an incident happened which will forever be right up there on the most embarrassing things that I have ever done in my life.

Andy and the sales guy were in front of me talking while I was taking my time and looking around. I turned around to look at something we had just passed when suddenly all heck broke loose. (You see, I have this bum knee which will go out sometimes just for kicks or out of sheer bordom.) As I tried to turn around, my knee decided to give way and I SAT on a glass topped coffee table! (I am SO not kidding about this. You have no idea how much I was!) THUMP!!! My huge butt hit the edge of the coffee table only to have it FLIP UP and then SLAM back down on the base. Andy and the sales guy turned around just in time to see the glass top to this stupid coffee table come crashing down. Miraculously it did not break.

You know in movies when something happens and the whole world comes to a screeching halt? Yep. That's what happened. The whole world turned to see what all the commotion was about and watched as the hopefully stupid, drunk girl struggled to her feet after sitting on a glass coffee table, because afterall, nobody would sit on one while sober!

Needless to say, we left immediately after that. I have never seen a sales guy so glad to see customers leave in all my life! I honestly don't remember the name of this place, but I am sure they remember me.


i dont know what the title should be...perhaps: I am sick. Feel sorry for me.

We didn't have a little happy yew near (yes I meant to spell it like that. Lol!) post thingy. I feel abandoned...

But I come bearing tidings of........not so great stuff.

1) I cut my hair. I now have layers and long bangs. (No, they are not crusty bangs. Lmao!!)
2) I am sick and coughing and my nose is stuffed up. AND I'm going to a retreat for the weekend TOMORROW!

This is not good on so many levels. It's not even the same zip code as good. Level # 1: I will most likely still be sick and I don't want to spread germs to all those teens. Level # 2: Beans is going. 'Nuff said.

I think I'm going to go cough up my lungs now.
:) Much hugses!