The Wonderful World of Blogger

Blogger, I have to say, is perhaps the most Awesome Blog-Thingy In The World.

I will explain why I believe that is, because there are some people (of whom have my deepest sympathy) that *gasp* do not have Blogger.

I had (have) a Xanga. Let me tell you, Xanga SUCKS! Mostly, because you have to pay, like, 10 bucks a month for the premium service. Unless you want the crappy free service that doesn't let you fix the html code for the template or change the size, blodness, italization of the font for your entry! Grrr.

Whereas, with Blogger you get to do all that and it's FREE. Yes, F-R-E-E.
I am not being paid to say this (I wish), I'm just saying what I think (and I didn't have anything else to say). I am not a sell-out. I just think that Xanga sucks. It is not even worthy to be capitalized. So xanga sucks.

It really does.


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