thanks for the warning, Channel 8!

As we watched the end of our favorite TV show Wednesday night, a local news spot came on warning us of a product recall on a "popular frozen dinner item". The spot played at least three times within a 15 minute period.

Aaron stated from the kitchen that if it was THAT important, why don't they just tell us now instead of selling their news program? Public health? Cool! We can make everyone watch in dread for their lives as they sit there for the next 30 minutes staring at their TV dinner, afraid to touch it.

We never watch the news. This was too good to miss. At the top of the hour - they had the decency to make it the first story - the anchor announced that the "popular frozen dinner item" in question was two national frozen pizza brands (Tony's and Pagoda), frozen egg rolls, spring rolls, tacos, and pizza twists. They were all made by Schwan's; the same company that also makes Red Baron and Freschetta. Several shipments - not ONE. SEVERAL - had been found with glass shards in them. (Hello? Yes, for my free extra topping, I'd like an array of random, sharp, invisible objects please.)

Aaron and I looked at each other, incredulous. A news station just kept this information in their pocket on a week night, when half the American population is eating frozen dinners.

Then I burst into laughter as, in the next break, a 30-second commerical aired for Tony's Pizza.


Embarrassing moment #2,369,245,25....

Giving myself a burn on my neck with my blowdryer(!) 30 mins. before church Sunday morning that totally resembles a gaint hickie...

...and doing it during the month that Andy has been teaching on dating, love, and purity to our Youth.


beautiful shot considering it was a $2 camera

I took this in Gaston Park, near my house. I love this picture. TREE! TREE! TREE! Posted by Hello


Call Me A Lesbo, but...

I was thinking about when I went shopping at Target and saw a lesbian couple pushing a cart together. It was rather cute considering one was holding onto the cart and the other had her arms around her also holding ontot the cart handle.
And forgive me if I have in any way offended you by reffering to a lesbian couple as 'cute'.

When I was younger, being the unusually short-hair tom-girl I was, I was often called a 'lesbo' by the neighborhood boys. Also, being the terribly naive girl I was, thought being called a 'lesbo' was a good thing! I take that back: not naive. Just stupid.
But anyway, one day I just so happened to see one of those boys from so many years ago, Alex, at the store with one of my friends. So, baring up all my courage and sarcastic wit, lightly tapped his shoulder and asked, "Hey Alex. Remember me? The lesbo?" he turned a tomato-red color that complimented his mortified expression. "Thought you would Nice seein' ya!" And it gave me great pride in marching back to my friend and laughing about it.

Revenge is sweet when sprinkled with sarcasm.



Someone once told me that “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

But after these past few weeks, I have come to believe, "Life is what drags you into a dark alley and beats the ever-lovin’ crap out of you while you are to attempting to make other plans."