my depression makes me laugh

Valentine's day is like Christmas.
you get all excited from all the commercials you see with all the glittery diamonds and the delicious chocolates on TV; and you think "Oh, I can't wait for Valentine's!" because you think you're going to have a picture perfect Valentine's day just like that.
And then maybe you don't. And you think "rawr! why wasn't my Valentine's day as perfect as that effing Kay jewelry TV spot?!"
its all the stupid commercialism. its sucking the soul out of the holidays.

& sometimes its not even that you didn't get anything. what if you're single? what if all you wanted for Valentine's day was someone special to be with?
i was talking to one of my guy friends yesterday. he didn't have anyone on Valentine's either.

me: "happy fucking Valentine's day. hope your's is better than mine. 'cause it would totally suck if it wasn't........... shit that sounded so lame. okay, happy Valentine's day again without the depressing undertone."
him: "its okay. here's to Valentine's day disappointment and a brighter future."
me: "woo! i'll drink to that."
him: "haha, yesterday i would have drunk to that til i passed out."
me: "ditto. eh, fuck it all. let's get drunk and pass out and totally not remember anything about yesterday."
him: "sounds like a plan."

now that i typed that all out, it looks so pathetic. but in a comical way.
hilariously pathetic. yep.


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