Caution: Blatently Ireverent Song Lyrics May Lead To NOT CARING!!!

I bought the new Liz Phair CD. Need I say more?


Money: All that fubar... for this? I'll take it!

MSN Money... it's alive! I was wringing my hands for a while. Wondering what the problem was. It wouldn't load right. It wasn't updating. Portfolio Manager kept reloading the same update and rebooting my computer. But now, all is put to rights again. Because they got the new version of the greatest financial "look Ma, no hands" management tool ever to finally work.!

I can tell you within a few hundred bucks how much our 401Ks made this year (kewl). I can also tell you that we have WAY TOO MANY credit cards, but I can see the balances of each one and the due dates (ew. that last shopping ship). And I can see that the balance in the credit card column is finally LOWER than the balance in the banking column (finally). Ladie and Gentlemins, this is all on the SAME SCREEN.

Estimated time of continuation for positive cash flow: 30 seconds.
Reason: impending house hunting.

I am already burning in the fiery pits of the homemaking dragon's lair. I absolutely HAVE TO buy that $550 vaccuum cleaner. What else is going to keep the carpet clean... in our house? I know we don't need this Christmas wreath yet, but it was 50% off and it would look great on the door... of our house! I don't want to sell that sofa set we just finished paying off. We could use it to fill that second living space... in our house!

If I wasn't being supplied a free tool to show me how much money this house-dragon is eating, we would be in big trouble. If you have a Passport on MSN, you can use this tool. Worried about security? Passport is used by other Web sites, not just MSN... Starbucks and Paypal use it. Don't ask me why I know that! Besides, it is much more secure than that hidey-hole drawer you stash your naughty stuff in when the in-laws visit. Frankly, you would be crazy if you do not consider it. Yes precious, crazy.


Christmas Dinner

I know my family is strange when our Christmas dinner conversation consists of licking Mozart's ass and terminal velocity.


Oh Christmas Tree! *ACHOO!* Oh Christmas Tree! *SNORT*

I went to Karina's apartment for our LotR Party (which, by the way, was soooooo much FUN!) and soon discovered that my face does NOT like live Christmas trees. About an hour after I got there, my eye started itching alot. Itchy, itchy, itchy. Then later that night it was swelling up, not very badly but IT WAS SWELLING. MY EYE.

The swelling went down alot when I got home. But I think I was rubbing it in my sleep last night because it is now swollen up to THE SIZE OF A BOWLING BALL!!!

Oh well. *Sigh* I can always wear sunglasses when I go outside.



So much pretty snow... should have stayed home and got iced in. *Sigh*... wish there was enough that they would send us home.... wonder if I can get home?

Does there ever come a time when you stop wishing for snow days? And if there does, does that mean you're offically Old?


Randomness - WAY to tired to be writing a comprehendable blog

First Randomness:
So for the past few weeks, I have been feeling weird. Worn out, constantly tired, falling asleep at the drop of a hat - lately while standing up! - tripping over my own feet (which Andy thought was pretty funny), and just feeling downright nasty. It was starting to freak me out a little till I thought on it some yesterday and realized that my feeling crappy directly corresponded to Andy's starting to snore every night. Ah-Ha! Mystery solved - I haven't hardly slept in a month. Last night Andy, being the good husband he is, slept on the couch so I could get a good nights sleep. Already I am feeling better. So now with the help of some Breath right strips (Andy) and earplugs (me) I might actually start feeling somewhat normal soon! Yippee!

Next Randomnesseses:
First, Karina, you killed Charile. Dara is right. For that, you must die. We will come over, and make you road kill, and watch Charlie LIVE as we sit on you. (Don't laugh, that's a pretty scary thought considering the size of my butt these days.)
Second, Dara, you are evil, 'cause you stole all the rum. But since you made the Blog pretty, you are forgiven.
Thirdly, Karina and Dara, you are both evil 'cause now you have me totally adicted to Dooce! I now spend every lunch reading her website, laughing hysterically, and getting weird looks from my coworkers. Laughed till I cried over the stories of Chuck - could not breath when reading the part about him flinging himself on the car! This dog is fabulous; we must clone him. Operation: Steal Chuck's DNA must commence!

I think my point has been proven about Chico having more stray cats than God. Went to Mickey D's the other night and there was one camped out in the drive thru! I think the cats are invading the world, and they are starting in Chico!

New Address

New link is

Hope this doesn't cause any confusion! Much hugses!

FATE? or maybe LATE?

Ha-haaa! I figured it out!

In the beginning Charlie wrote FATE on his bandages ('cause he's philisophical-musician like that), then later changed it to LATE because of Claire. But I don't think she's late yet. Maybe just wishful-thinking on his part...

I am having LOST withdrawal and its only FRIDAY!!!......I am sooo hopeless.

HEY! I didn't know Dom had a Beatles tattoo on his left shoulder AND his Elvish tattoo on his right. That spells "Sexxxy" with a capitol P.

Charlie doesn't need his herion (thats what I think it is. Charlie is a musician, probably gets the Pakistan herion, he doesn't mess around). I AM the Perfect Drug..... or so says Shaddy!


The Story of how I found out my favorite character from LOST did NOT DIE!!!!!

randomthinker02 is me. Haha, Kina! You almost had us!

randomthinker02: do you watch LOST?
XxShadowyImagexX: Yesh
XxShadowyImagexX: Dommy wammy almost died and I cried
XxShadowyImagexX: and I screamed
XxShadowyImagexX: so loud
randomthinker02: I MISSED I!!!!!!!!!
XxShadowyImagexX: My neighbors ran over..
randomthinker02: *it
XxShadowyImagexX: Why??!?!!?!?!?!?!?
randomthinker02: lol thats kinda funny
XxShadowyImagexX: Who?
randomthinker02: charlie!!!!!!!!!
randomthinker02: charlie was the best! now i'm stuck with stupid jack...
XxShadowyImagexX: Wuh?
XxShadowyImagexX: He didn't die
randomthinker02: HE DIDNT??????????????
XxShadowyImagexX: No ...
XxShadowyImagexX: He was hung but the guy was banging on his chest and he came back.
randomthinker02: YES!!!!!!!!!!!
XxShadowyImagexX: I KNOOW
randomthinker02: my sis said he died!!!!!!!!
randomthinker02: i am going to KILL her!
XxShadowyImagexX: Mine did too .. just to watch me cry ..
randomthinker02: she is road kill
XxShadowyImagexX: I would have killed mine but ... she's .... my sis *pouts* LMFAO JK ..t hat's never seemed to matter to her.
randomthinker02: LMAO!
randomthinker02: she said i could come and watch it
randomthinker02: so i will
randomthinker02: but she is DEAD!
XxShadowyImagexX: WOOTWOOT
XxShadowyImagexX: LMFAO
XxShadowyImagexX: Siblings suck ...
randomthinker02: ROTFLMAO!


My Hero

Posted by Hello
Charlie Pace
Beloved friend, musician, and brother
Episodes 1-10 2004



I resent that remark.

Dom is NOT GAY EITHER!!!!! Phewy on these mean people. Shame, shame!

Alas, Charlie, we barely knew ye...

Having to wait another Wednesday to find out what happens next will surely send me after you. At least I get to see the second episode! Did you run from the polar bear? Will I ever get to see how you kicked the habit? Will the "L-A-T-E" tape rings on your fingers leave a permanent suntan line?


Charlie's Funeral

You are cordially invited to the pretend burial of Charlie: Beloved TV character.

Crap. Its just not the same without him.



Daniel with really big eyes

I don't know about you guys... but this is a little scary!


Wowzerrs Charlie! Did you not see the pool thru the palm trees?

So I am sitting at work, checking my email and surfing the web while having lunch, when all of the sudden I have the thought, "I should check and see if Karina and Dara have put up any new posts on the Blog lately." So I log back into my email (which I had logged out of just 10 mins. ago) to get the web address for the site and find a Blog invite from Kina! How cool is that!!! I swear we must have ESPN or something!

And I am so glad you invited me 'cause I have such an urgent, important question for you! What happened on Lost last night? Anything good? We so have to get a programable VCR!

Princess Kina-Bina and the Evil CEOgre, Part 2

Princess Kina toiled and struggled, dreaming fitful dreams of failed HTML code validation and overlapping div elements. But she kept coding and drawing and repositioning and recoding, and finally, after one week, the new web site was done. It sparkled in the sunlight, bringing joy and relief to her click-weary wrist that was numb from many days worked late into the night.

At last, her noble steed, Charlie the Chevy Silverado, would be safe. "They will never take away my baby", she promised as she petted his dashboard. Then she got in and went for a spin. Charlie neighed and revved his engine, spinning out in the parking lot, taking her away to The Movies where only good things happen to good people... most of the time.

Soon it was time to present her handiwork to the Evil CEOgre. With her best friends at her side, she marched up to the Evil CEOgre's office and showed him all that she had accomplished. The Evil CEOgre looked and clicked and said hmmm many times. And then he turned to her and said, "I like it." The princess smiled.

"I wove it with the lightest cloth that I could find", said the Princess.

"It is very impressive. I will use it everyday", said the CEOgre, who magically transformed before her eyes and was not so Evil anymore.

The next week, it captured everyone's praise and company login ID as it zipped along on their computer screen. People who had never spoken to Princess Kina before soon were offering to help and wanting to know when they, too, could have a web woven by the Mistress of Web.

Princess Kina could only smile and say, "You'll have to wait for Phase 2."