i dont know what the title should be...perhaps: I am sick. Feel sorry for me.

We didn't have a little happy yew near (yes I meant to spell it like that. Lol!) post thingy. I feel abandoned...

But I come bearing tidings of........not so great stuff.

1) I cut my hair. I now have layers and long bangs. (No, they are not crusty bangs. Lmao!!)
2) I am sick and coughing and my nose is stuffed up. AND I'm going to a retreat for the weekend TOMORROW!

This is not good on so many levels. It's not even the same zip code as good. Level # 1: I will most likely still be sick and I don't want to spread germs to all those teens. Level # 2: Beans is going. 'Nuff said.

I think I'm going to go cough up my lungs now.
:) Much hugses!


Blogger Jules said...

I sorry you're sick. I was sick for yew near too. =P At least you have cool hair.

You sent me funny llama's while I was sick and made me smile. I will go find something to make you smile too. =) Bye bye for now....

11:52 AM

Blogger Dara said...

aawwww! thankies! i'm glad you liked the llamas. :)
i'm feeling better though. maybe better enough to go to my retreat this afternoon. maaaaybe...

3:10 PM

Blogger Shiz said...

Get better, sickie!

2:42 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Yew po' least your hair relaxed after the shock. It must look cool. Take your Cold-eze, Vicks and really, just try to have a little fun at the retreat! Get well! Beans wouldda said so... :) OK, I say so!

6:46 PM


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