Do you have the time?

I stayed the night at Kina's house and watched a movie 'Run, Lola, Run'. It was really different from anything I'd ever seen. It had three different perspectives and endings. The last one was the best. It kinda got old though cuz it was alot of just watching Lola run around. Seriously, it was very well named. It has alot of bad languge but it really doesn't matter considering the movie is dubbed in German. Its about this girl who's boyfriend is gonna die unless she can get $100,000 in 20 minutes. So she's running around the city trying to figure out a way to get 100 grand. Why not take her moped, you ask? It was stolen, would be the most unfortunate answer.

Karina was having a very frustrating day. Her cable and internet went out on the same freaking day. All this other stuff that would normally be only minorly annoying became a huge deal and she was sick and tired of it. So I told her, in a very kind, caring, sisterly way: "At least your not Lola."

And while in the grocery store with Kina I had an epiphany. We were looking at all these "time-saving" foods and other stuff, and I realized that saving time is an illusion. We think we are saving our precious time by buying products that we can just pop in the microwave and dump on a plate. But then we want everything else to be that easy and/or fast and we run around trying to get things done faster and faster and we do too much and before ya know it, YOU HAVE NO TIME.

But then...

Neither does Lola.


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