Two Weeks Notice

Ya know....I've been thinking (oh no!) about everything and I found out that two weeks has alot to do with all that everything. A few examples:

1) Today I've been sick for officially two weeks.
2) Mom thought that she had two more weeks before she had to sign me up for Sky Ranch. (there was actually only 1 week.)
3) I was almost grounded from the computer for two weeks.
4) um......ok so there were only 3 things! But thats alot!


Blogger Jules said...

...Thought it was 2 weeks till Bunko - actually one.
...Paid bills on-line 2 weeks ago and two of the payments still haven't gone thru... grrr...
...Two weeks - length of time it takes me to kill a poinsettia.
...Two weeks - frequency in which our stupid guppy gets pregnant.
...Past Two Weeks - only episodes of Lost I have seen in the last 2 1/2 months - I know, I know... I am a horrible Lost fan. *Hanging head in shame*

12:07 PM

Blogger Dara said...

'tis okies. it proves that you have a life...something i

4:00 PM


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