Oh Christmas Tree! *ACHOO!* Oh Christmas Tree! *SNORT*

I went to Karina's apartment for our LotR Party (which, by the way, was soooooo much FUN!) and soon discovered that my face does NOT like live Christmas trees. About an hour after I got there, my eye started itching alot. Itchy, itchy, itchy. Then later that night it was swelling up, not very badly but IT WAS SWELLING. MY EYE.

The swelling went down alot when I got home. But I think I was rubbing it in my sleep last night because it is now swollen up to THE SIZE OF A BOWLING BALL!!!

Oh well. *Sigh* I can always wear sunglasses when I go outside.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had an allergic reaction to my mom's detergent a few times. Imagine my face after one nite on the sheets at her house.

11:39 AM


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