FATE? or maybe LATE?

Ha-haaa! I figured it out!

In the beginning Charlie wrote FATE on his bandages ('cause he's philisophical-musician like that), then later changed it to LATE because of Claire. But I don't think she's late yet. Maybe just wishful-thinking on his part...

I am having LOST withdrawal and its only FRIDAY!!!......I am sooo hopeless.

HEY! I didn't know Dom had a Beatles tattoo on his left shoulder AND his Elvish tattoo on his right. That spells "Sexxxy" with a capitol P.

Charlie doesn't need his herion (thats what I think it is. Charlie is a musician, probably gets the Pakistan herion, he doesn't mess around). I AM the Perfect Drug..... or so says Shaddy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Ok i cant figure out how to get an account, this is freakywigger. who's charlie? how does one spell sexy in elvish? why am i even asking these questions? and do penguins have knees?
lifes many un answered questions

1:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

freakywigger you mean like eminem by shady
? or who? hes the only shady i know of....

11:09 AM


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