Call Me A Lesbo, but...

I was thinking about when I went shopping at Target and saw a lesbian couple pushing a cart together. It was rather cute considering one was holding onto the cart and the other had her arms around her also holding ontot the cart handle.
And forgive me if I have in any way offended you by reffering to a lesbian couple as 'cute'.

When I was younger, being the unusually short-hair tom-girl I was, I was often called a 'lesbo' by the neighborhood boys. Also, being the terribly naive girl I was, thought being called a 'lesbo' was a good thing! I take that back: not naive. Just stupid.
But anyway, one day I just so happened to see one of those boys from so many years ago, Alex, at the store with one of my friends. So, baring up all my courage and sarcastic wit, lightly tapped his shoulder and asked, "Hey Alex. Remember me? The lesbo?" he turned a tomato-red color that complimented his mortified expression. "Thought you would Nice seein' ya!" And it gave me great pride in marching back to my friend and laughing about it.

Revenge is sweet when sprinkled with sarcasm.


Blogger Andrew Krone said...

No, you're not a Lesbo, you're Lesbian and I don't really care about your sexuality.

10:42 PM

Blogger Jules said...

...sarcasm and a swift kick to the ego!

Besides, I know your not a lesbo. I seen you drool over Dom and many other hot guys enough to know that. =)

12:13 PM

Blogger Dara said...

I know I am not a lesbian. I was merely saying that thats what they called me!

6:18 PM

Blogger Karina said...

andrew krone just sounds like the kind of person who, in college, I would have listened to, stared at in utter disbelief for about five seconds, and then shot him in the ass with a pellet gun. Rhetorically speaking.

4:44 PM


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