i think this blog

is dead.


I'm lame, but are YOU?

A - Available: Sure. Who's asking?
A - Age: 15.999
A - Annoyance: The price of grapes.

B - Best Buddies?: anyone lame enough to read this.
B - Bar: Not yet. But beware.
B - Birthday?: May 2nd. Its comin' up!

C - Crush: Elvis Presley's remains.
C - Car: Saturn Ion Redline? Please?
C - Cats: I like to torture them.

D - Dead Pets' Names: Molly, Bob, Bob II, Hughie, Duey, Louie, Zip.
D - Dad's Name: Kevan.
D - Dog: No. Sadness. ;(

E - Easiest person to talk to: Buddy or Celieface.
E - Eggs: Unfertilized! Yeah!
E - Email: Delicious.

F - Favorite color?: Indigo.
F - Food: Toast, apples, and pizzalicious pringles.
F - Foreign Slang: I like the term 'slag.' & 'bum'. & 'ace'.

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms worms worms.
G - God: Yeah. He's pretty cool.
G - Guns: I'm working on them. 10 pound weights are slow to show results.

H - Hair Color: Brown. And boy-ishly short.
H - Height: 5'9" in my lucky clogs. 5'5" when I'm all alone and barefoot.
H - Happy: Most of the time. Except when I get ouchies.

I - Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip.
I - Instrument: Guitar, keyboard (kinda), and a how-to guide for my ukelele.
I - Idol: Not sure. Maybe Shakira's hips.

J - Jewelry: Cheap costume type. Like at Sam Moon's.
J - Job: Hark! My quest!
J - Joke: (please see above.)

K - Kids: Small, sticky people with jam on their faces.
K - karate: Never.
K - kung fu: In secret.

L - Longest Car Ride: Anytime I'm in the car while my mom is playing "Sing-a-long Symphonies".
L - Longest Relationship: One of those "intimate" relationships? Eh, like 5 months-ish.
L - Last person talked to: My female parental unit.

M - Milk Flavor: 2%.
M - Mothers Name: Pamelaaaa.
M - Movie Last Watched: The Chronicles of Narnia.

N - Number of Siblings: 3.
N - Northern or Southern: Me gusto Texas, hombres.
N - Name: Like 'Sara' but with a 'D'.

O - One wish: Happinessss.
O - One Phobia: Big dogs.
O - Otter Pop: I've seen a dog eat one.

P - Parents, are they married or divorced: Married for 36 years.
P - Part of your appearance you like best: My eyes and neck. Yes, my neck.
P - Part of your personality you like best: I listen well. Mostly.

Q - Quote: "Silver foxes looking for romance in the chainsmoke Kansas flashdance ass pants."
Q - Quick or Slow?: Quick. (like a thief!)
Q - Quiet or Loud?: I laugh really loud.

R - Reason to smile: I've got rhythm, I've got music...!
R - Reality TV Show: Parental Control.
R - Left or right: Lefty.

S - Song Last Heard: Some Franz Ferdinand song.
S - Season: Winter. I like to wear my jackets.
S - Sex: Female. Although sometimes mistaken for 12 year-old boy.

T - Time you woke up: 9 am... I didn't bother getting out of bed 'til 9:42 though.
T - Time now: 1:25 pm.
T - Time for bed: Never!

U - Unknown fact about me: None to spare!
U - U are a... : Nice young woman who has never been OK with the whole "you" spelled as "u" thing.
U - Unicorns: Prettyyyyyy.

V - Vegetable you hate: Mushrooms and eggplant. Ew. Barfy.
V - Vegetable you love: Celery. Tomatoes. Potatoes (actually I've heard thats not really a vegetable). Ohmygodyes, CARROTS.
V - View on politics: United States of Whatever.

W - Worst Habits: Cussing, drinking, chewing the skin around my fingernails, biting the skin off my lips.
W - Where are you going traveling to next?: The fridge.
W - Where have you not been... and want to go?: Italy, New Zealand, California, New York, Europe, etc.

X - Xylophone anyone?: I used to have one! The rainbow colored ones.
X - X-tra special someones: All the someones that are still reading this.
X - X chromosome?: I guess I have two... yes? Two?

Y - Year you were born: 1990.
Y - Year it is now: 2006.
Y - Yellow?: I see you are also confused.

Z - Zoo Animal: Zeeba.
Z - Zodiac: Taurus.
Z - Zoolander: My lover.


Yay for picture blogs!

I've decided to start a picture blog.

Since I have so many photos just collecting dust on my hard drive, I thought, 'what the hell! Maybe people would actually like to see some of this stuff.' So its up now. I'll probably make minor changes with the layout &whatever (with the help of my kind older sister?). New pictures every weekday, probably, as I'll be too busy having fun on the weekends. Ha.

(P.S. OMG, JULESSSSSS!!!! So glad I got to seeeeee youuuuuuu. Wuffer<3)


Ohmygiddygodstrousers, I actually DID IT!

I chomped all my hair off.

Shelby was all worried and nervous.
I wasn't.

(me = uber dork)

(I seriously couldn't stop smiling.)

(See all the hair on the floor?!)


I love it.


I went to PetSmart to get fish. With gills. And FINS. Breaking news: This does NOT have fins...

Internet, meet Nox. She is Perfect Dog.

Aaron has been bringing up dogs a lot recently. It has something to do with having a blank yard, I'm sure. I kept putting him off. "We" weren't ready. "We" would be giving up all those uninterrupted weekend snooze-a-thons. Kibbles and bits and bites and stains and holes in the couch. When I called Aaron to ask him if I could bring home something that didn't have gills instead, he said "Yeah. I don't care. As long as I can get a Shiba now."