What I Learned This Summer

I feel it necessary to lay out what I have learned from my own and other people's experiences this past season.

People disappoint. Always. No matter what. They will always let you down. To some extent, at least. Its either people are disappointing or I have put way too much faith in them. So then it would be my fault. Which it isn't because I have no say in what other people choose to do with their lives.

Sulky-faced boys will confuse you to no end and eventually disappoint you. Even if they don't mean to. Or maybe that was their very intention. You can never win with said sulky-faced boys. Because sulky-faced boys are quiet and...well, sulky.

Its not my fault if people so desire to ruin their lives no matter how many times you pound into their skull that they are going the wrong way. If they don't want to listen, that is their problem. Not mine. I used to think it was. Life is so much easier now that it isn't.

I had a dream the other night. I dreamed I could control bodies of water and nobody knew it but me. And I discovered that somehow I had caused that big tsunami and all those hurricanes we've been having. So I told someone. And they started screaming, "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!"
And then I woke up.

But the tsunami isn't my fault.

People are going to do whatever they feel like doing no matter how blue in the face you get trying to tell them not to.

People are stupid.


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