And no Father's Day hallmark card, either!

Ya know, its not so great living with parents that actually old enough to be my GRANDparents. (And, let me tell you, they certainly act like it too.) Mostly because I feel like I'm living in the 1960's. When I go out of the house, maybe to go shopping, its like Back to the Future!

Mom told me the other day that I should wash off the writing on my arm and start looking more like the "good young lady we wish you would be." What the hell?! Is that supposed to mean I, Dara Emilia Prati, am a hopeless case? Just because I don't look like a good little church-girl who wears pink and other pastels and doesn't like "that yelling music" but only listens to Beethoven and Mozart!!!!!! I think NOT! Dara Prati is going to stand up for her freedom to write all the wants on her arms AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME!!!!

But, you know what? Let them give me their weary, disappointed little looks. Let them ground me until the next Ice Age. Let them disapprove of every single thing I've become. I've decided that Kevan and Pamela Prati are Hopeless Cases. They think that just because they're my parents (if they even ARE), I am required to think what they think, to wear what they wear, and to have as boring and uninteresting a life as they do.

How ridiculous are parents, thinking they can MAKE their children believe and live the way they want them to? Before too long I'll be an adult myself, and out in the world, and living the way I want to. So where is all their tyranny going to get them? No phone calls on Mother's Day, thats what. Well, okay! I've got time. I can wait. One day I'll be free, and they'll be SORRY!

Well, okay...maybe not that sorry...


Blogger Jules said...

Poor D... we've all been there!

Until that blessed day of deliberately forgotten Hallmark cards, here are a few fun ideas to... um... make things a little more entertaining at home...

3:09 PM


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