You know you're country when...

~you're late to work because you get stuck behind a tractor
~you know people who don't own keys to their house
~when you lock your car in a parking lot, you have people ask you if you're afraid the cows are going to steal your purse
~there are 3 hardware stores in the nearest town (20 mins. away) but the nearest Starbucks is over 2 hours away... help me!!!
~you can no longer count on one hand the number of animals you've hit with your car... thus causing your car to make an "errrrr" sound whenever you turn to the right
~you've actually heard the word, "mechanicin' " used in a sentence
Ex: "The car wasn't working yesterday, so I tried mechanicin' it."
~the moment you give someone your last name they immediately know more about your in-laws than you do
~in the breakroom at work, there are several jugs of sweet tea that are out at all times
~you're so bored you actually drive to Wal-Mart during a tornado just for something to do
~you've ever recognized yourself on Green Acres

And last of all, you know your country when... you make this list and people think your joking.


Blogger Dara said...

Haha! Oh, Julie!

Do you want to hear the funny part?

I totally knew you weren't kidding.

10:42 AM

Blogger Jules said...


There was absolutely no one at the Wal-Mart when I went during the tornado. All the cashiers were standing outside watching the sky.

8:30 AM


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