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Dara, only for you, dear sister, would I post something like this on the internet.....

Originally I was going to post something about Andy, but then I remembered Dara's post a while back about her being a klutz and I knew what had to be done. Dara, here is your smile....

Let me just preface this story by saying that I have the coordination and grace of an elephant on roller skates. This is a fact and something that I have come to accept. That being said, I shall begin...

It all started when Andy and I decided to go furniture shopping a few months before we got married. We had realised after taking a quick inventory of our furniture (which all seemed to be made up of duck tape, cinder blocks, and particle board) that something had to be done, so we set out for Oklahoma City that fateful morning in search of furniture that would make the statement "We are really not in college anymore... really." (Please note: I am not totally oppossed to furniture made up of the above items, in fact, about half our furniture is still made up of those items. It was just our attempt at getting real "grown up" furniture.)

After having no luck at several furniture stores, we decided to stop by one last store before lunch. When we walked in, one of the nice sales guys (you know, the kind that practically tackle you when you walk thru the door of their store) started showing us around the store. We were almost done (again having found nothing) and about to leave, when going thru the living room section, an incident happened which will forever be right up there on the most embarrassing things that I have ever done in my life.

Andy and the sales guy were in front of me talking while I was taking my time and looking around. I turned around to look at something we had just passed when suddenly all heck broke loose. (You see, I have this bum knee which will go out sometimes just for kicks or out of sheer bordom.) As I tried to turn around, my knee decided to give way and I SAT on a glass topped coffee table! (I am SO not kidding about this. You have no idea how much I was!) THUMP!!! My huge butt hit the edge of the coffee table only to have it FLIP UP and then SLAM back down on the base. Andy and the sales guy turned around just in time to see the glass top to this stupid coffee table come crashing down. Miraculously it did not break.

You know in movies when something happens and the whole world comes to a screeching halt? Yep. That's what happened. The whole world turned to see what all the commotion was about and watched as the hopefully stupid, drunk girl struggled to her feet after sitting on a glass coffee table, because afterall, nobody would sit on one while sober!

Needless to say, we left immediately after that. I have never seen a sales guy so glad to see customers leave in all my life! I honestly don't remember the name of this place, but I am sure they remember me.


Blogger Dara said...

LMAO!!!! awwwwww! i love you Jules!!! *huggles Jules so tight her eyes pop out of their sockets* thank you! that mad emy day!!! :D

1:50 PM

Blogger Karina said...

LOL! I can just imagine... that reminds me of the time I was riding our last "renter" horse, Shorty, around a field to show off my equestrian skills to some visiting friends. I had her going at a quick canter when she decided that she liked grass more than running and came to a swift and complete halt. My butt bone hasn't been the same since!

9:41 PM


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