Wowzerrs Charlie! Did you not see the pool thru the palm trees?

So I am sitting at work, checking my email and surfing the web while having lunch, when all of the sudden I have the thought, "I should check and see if Karina and Dara have put up any new posts on the Blog lately." So I log back into my email (which I had logged out of just 10 mins. ago) to get the web address for the site and find a Blog invite from Kina! How cool is that!!! I swear we must have ESPN or something!

And I am so glad you invited me 'cause I have such an urgent, important question for you! What happened on Lost last night? Anything good? We so have to get a programable VCR!


Blogger Karina said...

Um, yes. Charlie died. No, I am not kidding.

I taped it, so that means you and Dara have to come over and watch it.

I also taped "Wife Swap" and I'll make you watch that too. :0)
So, when can you come over and watch Charlie go "eh"?

12:28 PM

Blogger Jules said...

But... But... But.... BUT CHARLIE CAN'T DIE!!!!

I don't know what is more sad... the fact that Charlie died or the fact that I actually teared up this morning when I read your post at work....

...but even still... CHARLIE CAN'T DIE!!!! He's the whole reason Dara and I watch the show! Bummer.

5:52 PM


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