Randomness - WAY to tired to be writing a comprehendable blog

First Randomness:
So for the past few weeks, I have been feeling weird. Worn out, constantly tired, falling asleep at the drop of a hat - lately while standing up! - tripping over my own feet (which Andy thought was pretty funny), and just feeling downright nasty. It was starting to freak me out a little till I thought on it some yesterday and realized that my feeling crappy directly corresponded to Andy's starting to snore every night. Ah-Ha! Mystery solved - I haven't hardly slept in a month. Last night Andy, being the good husband he is, slept on the couch so I could get a good nights sleep. Already I am feeling better. So now with the help of some Breath right strips (Andy) and earplugs (me) I might actually start feeling somewhat normal soon! Yippee!

Next Randomnesseses:
First, Karina, you killed Charile. Dara is right. For that, you must die. We will come over, and make you road kill, and watch Charlie LIVE as we sit on you. (Don't laugh, that's a pretty scary thought considering the size of my butt these days.)
Second, Dara, you are evil, 'cause you stole all the rum. But since you made the Blog pretty, you are forgiven.
Thirdly, Karina and Dara, you are both evil 'cause now you have me totally adicted to Dooce! I now spend every lunch reading her website, laughing hysterically, and getting weird looks from my coworkers. Laughed till I cried over the stories of Chuck - could not breath when reading the part about him flinging himself on the car! This dog is fabulous; we must clone him. Operation: Steal Chuck's DNA must commence!

I think my point has been proven about Chico having more stray cats than God. Went to Mickey D's the other night and there was one camped out in the drive thru! I think the cats are invading the world, and they are starting in Chico!


Blogger Dara said...


4:31 PM

Blogger Karina said...

all-time funniest Chuck moment: Letting him sniff a marker until he was high and ran around licking the walls!

1:27 AM

Blogger Jules said...

See I told you I was out of it! See all those typos and misspellings....

12:06 PM


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