Money: All that fubar... for this? I'll take it!

MSN Money... it's alive! I was wringing my hands for a while. Wondering what the problem was. It wouldn't load right. It wasn't updating. Portfolio Manager kept reloading the same update and rebooting my computer. But now, all is put to rights again. Because they got the new version of the greatest financial "look Ma, no hands" management tool ever to finally work.!

I can tell you within a few hundred bucks how much our 401Ks made this year (kewl). I can also tell you that we have WAY TOO MANY credit cards, but I can see the balances of each one and the due dates (ew. that last shopping ship). And I can see that the balance in the credit card column is finally LOWER than the balance in the banking column (finally). Ladie and Gentlemins, this is all on the SAME SCREEN.

Estimated time of continuation for positive cash flow: 30 seconds.
Reason: impending house hunting.

I am already burning in the fiery pits of the homemaking dragon's lair. I absolutely HAVE TO buy that $550 vaccuum cleaner. What else is going to keep the carpet clean... in our house? I know we don't need this Christmas wreath yet, but it was 50% off and it would look great on the door... of our house! I don't want to sell that sofa set we just finished paying off. We could use it to fill that second living space... in our house!

If I wasn't being supplied a free tool to show me how much money this house-dragon is eating, we would be in big trouble. If you have a Passport on MSN, you can use this tool. Worried about security? Passport is used by other Web sites, not just MSN... Starbucks and Paypal use it. Don't ask me why I know that! Besides, it is much more secure than that hidey-hole drawer you stash your naughty stuff in when the in-laws visit. Frankly, you would be crazy if you do not consider it. Yes precious, crazy.


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whats the dragon's name by the way? Smaug???? lol!

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