Singing the no MyMoney blues

I was going into withdrawals yesterday. And I don't mean that I was reviewing the minus column on my bank account. I mean that I couldn't SEE my accounts. MSN Money was dead.

It never occurred to me how much I dearly am truly in love with the ease and convenience that is the giant MSN My Money tool. I was planning funeral arrangements and casting about emotionally for a way to keep my financial life in order. That 6 hours of downtime was the end of me.

I missed watching my 401K fly on the wings of a semi-ridiculous "market rally". My bank balance. My savings balance. Even my credit card balances. I wanted to watch that evening as we hit the "Pay Bill" button and saw the little ones and zeros become just zeros! Oh my god, I am obsessed. I need a break. What is Dooce up to?


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